Birthday/HP Review & Pictures.

I had a wonderful birthday. What made my birthday even more fun this year? My sweet nephew was born! He is adorable, and I'm so proud to share my birthday with that cutie pie. I can't wait to see him in person.

My siblings surprised me with a Kindle. It has been in non-stop use since its arrival; such a perfect gift for me - a book lover. Speaking of books, I've updated my book-challenge list. Read 8 books in November. Favorite of which was "The Help." Also read "Frankenstein" for the first time ever. So creepy! And good!

We celebrated by seeing Harry Potter on opening night and eating at a new-found favorite restaurant, The Pie. Mmm. Harry Potter was incredible and our fellow movie-watchers were dressed to the hilt in wizard costumes. We saw it on the big IMAX screen. The movie brought me close to tears in the first 5-minutes, and the dang movie left me in tears at its end. (I hate leaving a movie with red eyes...) Be forewarned: this movie is quite dark. Depressing at times. Thrilling throughout. I loved it and consider it a must-see. I have no shame in declaring my Harry Potter fan-ship.

And for all you Utah locals, you MUST try eating a pizza at The Pie sometime. Yum! For dessert, try their hot cookie/melty ice cream dish. Even though we were full of veggie pizza, we had no problem downing the dessert.

The actual birthday, Tuesday, was pretty laid back at home. Husband made a crab dinner and bought a chocolate cake. Since his birthday is only 2 weeks after mine, we decided that this monster of a cake would be for both of us. 60-years collectively between us. We've been telling all our friends that "we are 60 years old." Somehow, I was left alone in blowing out the 60 candles, and blew out all but one. Does that mean bad luck for me? Or him?

I dined at another amazing local restaurant on Saturday with some blogging buddies and am going to be hosting a giveaway for a gift certificate. Check back in a couple hours. You do not want to miss this giveaway!

A slew of birthday pictures for your enjoyment:


  1. Is that the chocolate cake from Costco? It looks sinfully delish! The 60 candles is hilarious! Sounds like a great way to spend a birthday!

  2. Can I just say that you and hubsters are an adorable couple? That smilin' husband in the second picture is completely cute! (Love the gap, too).

    Kindle! Tell me what you think of it when you've spend some time getting to know it. We're thinking of getting one...

  3. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was a perfect time for you :) The cake looked amazing!

  4. I'd say you are a lucky, blessed girl.
    But then you are so stunningly, naturally beautiful I'd say your husband is the lucky one.

    Glad your celebrations were awesome!

  5. wonderful memories...and look how interested those two little ones are in that cake-so cute:)

  6. Happy belated birthday from me to you!! :)

  7. Awww...good times!! LOVE the photos! That cake is DELICIOUS!!!!!!! drool!

  8. What fun! I wish we were there to help you eat that cake.
    I say no bad luck, just one of you doesn't get your wish. Or maybe only 1/60th of your wishes won't come true...


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