A Bullet List.

I've been running like crazy this month; this way and that. I had great plans for each of these bullet points to get their own post. But, with the pace this month has already set, I realized that a bullet list is the only way to go.
• I never did finish my advent calendar on time. (Am making this one.) It is almost done, and will be tucked neatly into our Christmas box for next year. My mother came through and saved the day, as always. She made the kiddos a darling advent featuring mittens hung on a clothes line. Each mitten is filled with treats or an activity. She also has big dates, such as birthdays or when family members from out-of-town arrive, highlighted with darling little flags.

• December is always a busy month in my line of work. Press day is press day for the magazine, regardless of the holidays. Companies want to revamp their identity for the new year. Packaging changes, blogs want a new look and Christmas card orders keep me hoping. I'm down to my last few custom design orders before Christmas. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

• I've been my church's activities committee co-chair for a while. The other committee chair, along with all our committee members and I have been busy, busy preparing for our Christmas party. A lot of time was put into the decor, advertising, food and program. It went without a hitch, but we are very glad to be done with it.

• I was overly involved in high school. I kept myself far too busy. (I haven't changed much, have I?) I was a senior class officer and we have just started planning our 10-year reunion. I can't believe it's that time already! Facebook is making finding our classmates a rather easy task. I don't know how student councils did it pre-social media times.

 • Heber Valley Railroad invited me and my family on the Polar Express. We had fun spending the evening together. If you want to go, you can get $5 off coach tickets on December 14, 15 and 16 by calling the train directly at 435-654-5601 and ask for the “Utah Blogger” discount.

• No release for Wplus9 this month. Dawn was kind enough to give the design team the month off. However, we'll be back with another fantastic release in January!

• Am nursing my sick family. I'm the only one left standing. Daughter is starting to recover from the flu just as the three boys start to show the symptoms. I've always prided myself in an abnormally strong immune system, but I don't think to odds are in my favor. I'm hoping my turn isn't over Christmas.

• Am giving myself the permission to post sparingly from now until New Years. Please excuse me as I may only pop in once or twice a week. My husband is on Christmas vacation and my parents are flying in from Hawaii. I need some quality family time.


  1. Oh no! I hope your family is back to healthy in no time and you don't come down with it too! Let me know if you need anything!

  2. Have a merry (and hopefully healthy) Christmas. Growing up, it wasn't Christmas unless someone in my family was puking. Why does the flu always have to interfere with Christmas cheer?

  3. We will miss you, but Merry Christmas! Family is so important and I respect the fact that you put it first. Praying you don't get sick and hope the rest of your family feels better. Loved the pictures!

  4. Hope you and your beautiful family are feeling better - I feel your pain...this holiday season has been crazy! Keep smiling and stay warm! :)

  5. - I have been searching for an advent calendar. I have not been successful. Maybe I should make my own? Love the link and the mittens!
    -Don't repeat this, but our ward Christmas party was sort of a flop. They started running out of food 15 minutes in. Had to go home and re-feed the fam, lol. It was on a weekday, so everyone was leaving really early to put their kids to bed. Aren't they usually on Saturdays?
    -I must take my family on the Heber train!

    You are officially on my good-mom-examples list. I get so overwhelmed and I'm no where near as busy as you are. Keep up the good work!

  6. I love the little mittens! Those are so cute! I keep wanting to make an advent calendar, but I think it's going to have to be a summer project because I get too busy in December. Hope you guys get feeling better soon!

  7. There are some pretty nasty things going around at the moment so I hope you stay healthy and are able to enjoy Christmas fully.

    Have fun this festive season.


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