Paper Whites.

I've never been very good at growing plants inside. In fact, I've never come close to succeeding. I was praying that this little bulb would grow into a flower before I posted about this project; I wanted to show you how pretty the blooms were. It worked! My pretty little paper white flower is thriving. (Which means that anyone can grow these things!)

While at Thanksgiving Point, we were able to plant one of these bulbs in a cute little tin can. Touted as an easy neighbor gift idea, and I'm all about ease during the holidays. Now that I see how easy they are to grow, this may just be what my neighbors receive next year.

And that bulb was only planted 1.5 weeks before the first picture! Can you believe that gorgeous bloom was already on display? My husband and I were always amazed to wake up each morning and see how big the plant was. It grows so quickly.
Super Easy How-To:

Gather a container. (A clean can. A pot. Anything will do.) Cover the bottom with an inch or so of rocks. Then, fill the can or pot with potting soil, leaving the top inch empty. Place your paper white (or amaryllis) in the soil. Make sure it is right-side up and that it is only covered with soil to the bulb's widest point. Place some pretty moss on top of the soil, around the bulb.

Now you get to be creative! Decorate the can/pot however you please. We used burlap, berries and some other pretty leaves and twigs.

Turned out rather cute, don't you think? I've got an inclining to grow more, now. Perhaps an Amaryllis next?


  1. I think you and I have the same luck with flowers inside!!! But I, as well, bought paper whites and they are doing great!! I love the smell of them - my husband hates it! ha ha!!

  2. Hey Hannah, I just nominated you for a stylish blogger award... pls go to my blog to accept: N x


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