Weekend Highlights and Lowlights.

• Husband aced his finals. Woot! Many more semesters to go...
• Built our first snowman of the year. Had a pretty wimpy snowfall thus far. Hoping you Californians share some of your overabundance of moisture with us!
• Parents flew in from Hawaii and sister from Nebraska. Missing our brothers in Colorado and Virginia. But I'll take what family time I can get. I hate that we all live so far away from each other!
• Husband and I spent 4 hours last night wrapping presents, eating chocolate and watching Christmas specials on TV. Shopping is done, presents are wrapped, food is prepped. I'm finally ready.
• Mourning the loss of Provo's beautiful tabernacle. I grew up going there. Sang in concerts more times than I can count. Attended live nativities, played on the beautiful spiral staircases, watched my children crawl over the benches. I've been touched and changed by inspiring speakers. It is part of my history. Part of my ancestry. I cried as I watched it burn. Even if they rebuild, it will not be the same. You can't replicate the smells, the 1800's charm. I will miss it.


  1. Oh no what a sad, sad sight. I hope the fire wasn't started intentionally, you didn't say.

    Our snow is now all frozen and temps of -14 are a bit too cold for me, wish we could warm a little and have a fresh round of snow. That is a handsome snowman you have yourselves though.

  2. Wow! I hadn't heard about the tabernacle burning down. I grew up in Orem (now live in Iowa), and will be visiting after Christmas. I will have to drive to drive by while I'm there.

  3. I didn't even know Provo had a tabernacle! How did the fire start?

  4. Oh, how sad! Like you, I have so many memories in that building...concerts, stake conferences...rats. There were so many lovely details in that building. What a shame.

  5. LOVE those shots of your boys & their snow friend.

    and yes. Horrible loss for Provo. so sad.

  6. We were in Boise when this happened. I was very sad when we returned and found out. It was such a beautiful building!

  7. It makes me SICK/sad to see these pictures of the beautiful Tabernacle! What a HUGE loss! And you're right, you can't recreate the smells, there was something about it, and no matter what, it won't be the same...
    But your boy is sure stinkin' cute! I love that first pic of him...

  8. Great job on the finals! I do hope you get some wonderful snow from our abundance of rain...we are winging ourselves dry! What a devastating fire. I am saddened for you all. Your memories will last forever. Blessings!

  9. sad sad indeed, I love the Provo Tabernacle.


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