Twelve Things: January.

01. Can always count on the kiddies being in good spirits in the a.m.
02. Ten days into my second 12-week round of no sugar. Apples are my best friend.
03. Off to Kindergarten she goes. We always miss her.
04. Planning my day with my favorite pen EVER.
05. Nap time for the smiling baby.
06. Reading break. Loving this book!
07. Sugar cereal as a snack. Leftover from the Christmas holiday. (I know, I know.)
08. Eighty ounces of water a day. It's killing me.
09. Thrifted shoes. Love my $2 find.
10. Another reading break. Must catch up on my pile of unread magazines.
11. Three things that get my extra-dry skin through the winter. (one, two, three)
12. Tackling the mess that is my desk & work space for a night of designing.

Miranda is someone I can always count on for inspiration. I've participated in "12 on the 12th" a couple times before. I hope to be more consistent this year.


  1. I love the bulletin boards above your desk - did you make those?

  2. Love this project! I hope to be more consistent with mine this year. I've done it for two years; scrapbooked traditionally. The second one (2009) is not finished. I hope to do better this year!

    I looked at your 2010 pics. It's so fun looking back at the pics. I assume your son is now potty-trained? LOL

  3. @Emily R: Thank you! No, I bought them from a local craft store. They are magnet boards and I painted the frames black.

  4. @annawhocropsalot: YES! Finally potty trained. That was a nightmare...

  5. Yay, I love it! Isn't it great when you start something in January? I love your grid, those shoes are freakin' fabulous.

  6. Okay, 1 of my resolutions is organize myself on a daily basis. I love the planner you have pictured on your 12 list. Where did you find it?

  7. @Anonymous: It is from Franklin Covey.

  8. Those are some rockin shoes...yay for thrift!!!

  9. I got a shea hand cream at Christmas and I really like how moisturizing it is! Didn't even SEE that scent though. Nice.

  10. i think we should talk. i need to get off sugar, but i'm afraid. any tips--i'll get lots of apples.

    love your water bottle.

  11. Love that you joined in 12 on the 12th and all those smiling faces in yours.

    I have been a huge low sugar for quite some time now and really am starting to feel the benefits - keep going and with the water too- it all helps.

    Love your planner, can I ask where it is from?

  12. would you care to do a tutorial on how to get pictures into a grid? Or is there a good one out there that you know of? I have photoshop if that helps. Also, do you scrapbook traditionally or digitally?

  13. @Crewmom: I crop each of my pictures the size I want (I think I did 250x400 here.) Then, I make a new photoshop document that is 1200x1200px. I drag each of the 12 photos into the new doc and arrange them how I want. I then use the paintbrush tool to paint the lines in between each. (Hold down shift to keep them straight.)

    I know this is strange for a person who works in the paper crafting industry, but I don't scrapbook. I plan on printing my blog into Blurb books and calling it good. :)


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