My Resolutions.

As a child, I remember that a year seemed to last a lifetime. Christmas couldn't arrive fast enough, and the four months in between Christmas and summer vacation seemed an eternity. Now that I am a bit older, years seem to fly by.

2010 was memorable: babies, colic, first smiles, pneumonia, a little princess and a tiny super hero, road trips, picnics, swimming lessons, designing, gardening, kitchen experiments, concerts, anniversaries, job loss, kindergarten, new callings, back to college, weddings, new siblings, baby kisses. 2010 was good to us. Challenging, but good. It's nice being so in love with J. Having him at my side makes even the hardest of times hopeful and the simplest of moments joyful.

I have high hopes for 2011. Hoping for a bit of calm. For some stability and simplicity. More sleep. Hoping my kiddos don't become too old for my hugs or kisses. That I'll still be my the favorite girl of my three boys. That my daughter will still be my shadow. Hoping that my garden grows a little taller. That I get more use out of my over abundance of tomatoes. That my butternut squash plant will produce more than one squash.  Hoping for lots of family time. That we create some lasting memories.

My intention was to have only 11 goals for 2011. It turned into 18. I'm not very good at being concise. (My mother, an editor by profession, slices away at my papers when I ask her to edit. Apparently I'm too wordy.) But, alas, I couldn't decide which resolutions to nix. So they all stayed put.

My word of the year? Grow.
I want to grow. Spiritually, socially, mentally, physically. I want to be stronger. A reliable employee. A trusted friend. A good wife and mother. I want to be better.

Wishing you the best in the year to come.


  1. Love your word and this post! Here's hoping for more sleep (for the both of us). :)

  2. I love reading your thoughts. They mirror my own. Thank you for writing them out...I love to see your handwriting!

  3. What an amazing word to choose, so positive and full of potential!

    Is that actually your handwriting? I am very jealous if it is, it is incredible.

  4. Great list! My favorite - "Build a table from scratch." Can't wait to see what you make!

  5. @Cassie: Yes. That is my actual handwriting. Thank you so much!

  6. Great list of resolutions - and your hadwriting is so pretty, Hannah.

    I don't make resolutions/goals on New Year's I make them on my birthday for my new year =)

    I want to grow this year too. There will be a lot of new-to-me things in 2011. I hope they let me grow. =)

  7. I love that you summed up your hopes for twenty-eleven in one word (I did the same!).

    It was such a blessing for me to grow up in a family that taught me to love God and love the power of prayer. I remember sitting on my dad's lap at the end of the night with my freshly washed hair; saying the Lord's Prayer and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

    Hoping you can keep your resolutions this year!

  8. I think your resolutions show enormous commitment to your family, your husband, your friends and to God but I fear that in striving to be better we all forget to just 'be'. I read this blog yesterday and it made me think that maybe we all try a little too hard.
    I hope your New Year is full of health and happiness and that you achieve everything you desire.

  9. I always love to read your blog, Hannah. I love that you're not "concise"; I'm not either! I think your resolutions are great, and they're right in line with mine. Hoping 2011 is as wonderful as you are!

  10. Best of luck on your goals for 2011!

  11. You have much ambition for one so little, cute & with such swell handwriting.
    But you are inspiring, have to say that!

  12. Great resolutions. I love your reflection on the past year - you always seem to be optimistic despite some pretty rough trials. You rule. :)
    Great word for the year.

  13. I love your resolutions! Lots of those are mine too (: I WISH I could ever dream of building a table from scratch though! Btw, thanks for all your support and comments on my photography (: You're so sweet! It would be so fun to take family pics for you guys- too bad I'm way down here!

  14. i love your list and your handwriting!

    i started cleaning out the cabinet and changing our food choices in our home -- so far it has been great. i swear we are healthier, have more energy and are enjoying our meals more.

    i too want to be a better friend and be more forgiving.

    g r o w.

    thanks for coming by my blog. i appreciated your comment oh-so-much. i will visit here again too.


  15. my word is PAY OFF!!! student loans:)


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