Friday Lovin'.

 :: Lovin' February. Hearts. Pink. Love notes. I've received no less than 12 valentines already from my daughter. I love any holiday that encourages the eating of chocolate; even if I won't be eating any this year. (It has been 32 days since I've eaten DYING for something sweet.)

:: Lovin' that my husband couldn't stop talking to me last night. I kept nodding off when he'd bring up another "Remember when..." He was reminiscing about our dating & early marriage for 2 hours. It was cute. I love being married to a sentimental guy.

:: Lovin' my new fleece electric blanket. A gift from my husband. I haven't been sleeping well because of the cold. My husband told me I was keeping him awake saying "I'm so cold" in my sleep. It was a lovely, welcome gift.

:: Lovin' nude nails. Light pink and glossy. I'm all about Zoya's nail polish lately and the barely there look. (Current favs? Erika, Dovey and Mia. 2-3 coats for maximum opacity. And by the way...the picture above is much closer to the true color than what they show on the Zoya website.)

:: Lovin' my neighbors. So sweet and supportive. I had multiple friends stop in unexpectedly to see how we were doing while we were sick. We had meals, popsicles, medication and balloons all dropped off. Errands were run. My mother's best friend, Elaine, delivered a giant care package to the kiddos full of toys and treats. We are feeling very loved and fortunate to live where we do.

:: Lovin' that my kiddos, though feeling better, are still in a cuddly mood.

:: Lovin' Kelly Purkey's window decor idea. Am thinking about blog-lifting it this weekend.

:: Lovin' my new cookbook. I'm not vegan, nor do I plan to be, but the recipe book helps me to avoid the foods I'm allergic to. (wheat, eggs and milk.)

:: Lovin' new-to-me books. Plugging away at my Book Challenge.  (Read "The Giver" for the first time yesterday and can't stop thinking about it.)

:: Lovin' my talking baby. He says "Wow!" as he points to this and that. Says "bye-bye" and waves to his school-bound sister every morning. He gives open mouth kisses while saying "Mmmah!" That boy! He is a joy.

:: Lovin' that we have no plans this weekend. Our Idaho road trip to see Hil&Co was canceled due to illness. And, because of the daunting weather and temperatures up there, we aren't too sad. March sounds like a much nicer time to visit.

:: Lovin' the Canon G12. Yes-sir-ee, it's true: I'm a point and shoot owner again. Excited to have this as a side-kick to my well-loved Rebel XSi. Lugging an SLR around our family vacay just doesn't sound fun. I'll tell you all about the upcoming trip later. We are very excited. Very.

:: Lovin' all the twine lovin'! If you haven't entered already, tomorrow is your last chance.


  1. After reading The Giver, you should read Gathering Blue and The Messenger by Lois Lowry. Not exactly sequels, but definitely ties things together. :)

  2. I am excited to hear where you are going on vacation! Those nail polishes are beautiful. I've never used Zoya before. How does it compare to OPI?

  3. @Kaitlin: I will! I'd love for the loose ends to be tied up! Thanks for the recommendations.

    @Shannon: I think Zoya is very comparable, if not a little better, than OPI. Very long wearing. Especially if paired with a top coat. (I like Sally Hansen's Diamond Top Coat.)

  4. We've had cameras from the G series and loved them.

    I think you're going to make it to sixty books easily this year.

  5. Sounds like great blessings!! I miss when my babies gave those open mouthed kisses! So sweet!! Feel better soon!

  6. Sorry to have cancelled on you guys! March will be a much better month, it HAS to be.. or ELSE! :) I was curious about the zoya nail polish and interested if it was good quality or not. I'll have to check it out now!

    Also, those fleece electric blankets are heaven sent. My parents had a couple of them in our house when we were growing up. LOVED THEM. They were essential for these Idaho winters.

  7. @Hilary: It is working out best for us. Jason is 100% less stressed about his test because of the cancellation. No worries.

    You must try Zoya nail polish. I'll give you some.

  8. Kaitlin is absolutely right! Read all three of those books by Lois Lowry and you won't be sorry!

  9. If you liked Giver you need to read Gathering Blue

  10. I'm Lovin' your blog. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  11. Can I just add lovin your 'lovin' list! I adore posts like this, which make me smile and remember all the good little things in the world.

    Hope your quiet weekend is a good one Hannah.

  12. Hope you guys are doing good and that Jason's test went well. You're allergic to wheat, eggs, and milk??? That's terrible, when did that happen?


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