Happiness is...

A poster board for each.
Glitter crayons
and mom's blessing to use markers.
Princess and the Frog soundtrack turned up a little too loud.
Occasionally breaking to dance.
(Can't NOT dance to "Going Down the Bayou.")
Little brother munching on Cherrios
while watching siblings in delight.
An average, happy afternoon in our home.

It's amazing what simple, everyday things delight these little ones.


  1. Isn't that true? It like the box; every kid's favorite toy!

  2. Now that my son is ten, markers don't quite cut it anymore. Enjoy this time!

  3. Really, it's easy to brighten up a day for little kids. Enjoy these moments; for when they are all grown up and fighting over the TV remote or video games... geez!

  4. We tried something similar today and failed miserably. I need my babies to be a little bit older.

  5. Gotta love markers and a piece of clean white paper (or posterboard)!

  6. Ohh!! miss hannah, I subscribe to your blog, but I think I've never said a peep before... but this one really brought me out to say, your children are adorable! They are really SO cute. I love babies and children, and can't wait for the day I'm "old enough" (yep) to have my own :) Thank you for sharing this lovely photo. You're an awesome Mom, I can tell!

  7. See, it is all about the little, simple things =)

    Sounds like a perfect afternoon.

  8. Where do you get your 11 cent posterboard? Such a great idea!


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