Twelve Things: February.

01. My shoes on the 12th. Errand shoes. Not exactly glamorous, but oh so comfortable.
02. Grocery shopping. I usually love it, but it transforms into a hideous chore when you are carting 3 little ones along.
03. Returning beloved library books.
04. Walmart. On a Saturday. With a gigantic shopping list. And three kids. NOT. SMART. (But a seriously beautiful day. Almost warm. Spring is around the corner. I can feel it!)
05. Sweet E helping me make a valentine tradition: sugar cookies.
06. Darling son decorating the sugar cookies. (I just want to report that I did NOT cheat on my sugar fast. Although I wanted to really, really badly.)
07. Our favorite treat. From jar to spoon to mouth. Honey roasted peanut butter. Daughter says it "tastes like candy." (***Edited to add: I've had a couple questions about this already. No, I don't eat this while on a sugar fast. Too much sugar. Sigh...)
08. Book on tape while doing chores. Currently listening to "Screwtape Letters" and LOVING it.
09. SweetTart conversation hearts. Way better than the originals.
10. Pizza night. Husband's turn to pick toppings. (Are you making fun of my pizza shaping skills? I have none. None at all.)
11. New mini purse for upcoming trip. (It is only 4 x 8 inches. I wanted a purse that would only hold a few necessities. I don't want to be lugging much around where we are going.) I love this new beauty. Went to Target with a brown purse in mind and came home with apple green. What can I say? I love color...
12. Ended the night watching the Auschwitz doc. Very interesting. And depressing. And creepy. I made my husband stay up with me and watch a little SNL so I wouldn't have nightmares about it. Going to watch part 2 of the doc tonight.

Want to document your 12th, too? Information can be found here. (Thanks to Miranda who inspired me to participate.)


  1. Love, love, love the mountains! Much different than the 'hills' were I live.

  2. Those snowy mountains in the background are gorgeous & I truly don't envy you that place on a weekend!

    What books were you reading? I am always on the lookout for a new one to check out...

    phone: 208-670-0869

    i am so excited, thank you so very much.


  4. Books on an iPod, brilliant (I know, I'm slow). Your day looks like it was lovely - except for the documentary. Eek! LOVE your blog and visit via Google Reader all the time :)

  5. I've visited Auschwitz, and I'd be interested in seeing the documentary (even though it would probably give me nightmares too!)

    Oh, and I love that purse!

  6. I so wasn't making fun of your pizza shaping skills. Your pizza shaping skills kicks my pizza shaping skill's trash!

    And I have that same purse. Except in normal purse size. I love the color too.

  7. What a fun day! I was perusing your blog, and the chore booklet that you created is genius, and pretty. I love it :)

  8. Love the purse! Looks like you had a great saturday.
    Me? Oh, I slept till 3, got ready, and went to work two hours later. = no 12 on 12th...

  9. I'm obsessed with apple green right now. Love the purse. I'm glad someone else is suffering with a sugar fast too. I really really really wanted a sugar cookie with frosting tonight but remained strong.

    I was at Walmart on Saturday with three little ones too...sigh.

  10. Wait. My pizza looks exactly the same as yours. Does that mean I lack pizza shaping skills? I had no idea!

    I'm totally going to buy that purse. Just thought you might like to know.

  11. Beautiful 12x12. those sugar cookies look good enough to force me downstairs to make some this instant! (found your blog through afm)

  12. I Love 'The Screwtape Letters' hilarious and instructive. Good times.

  13. We made sugar cookies on the 12th too! I just added the Auschwitz doc to my queue but I haven't watched it yet. I'll make a note to have something less depressing lined up to watch after I finish.

  14. i love listening to books.
    Cute purse and love the picture of cookie making.

  15. WalMart on a Saturday is quite hellish! I commend you on your survival. I'm glad to have found your blog through your comment on mine! And that green purse? Yes.


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