Breaking My Sugar Fast with Ticket Kitchen.

Horray, Hoorah. My too-long sugar fast is over today and I celebrated with The Ticket Kitchen. Seriously the most perfect way to bring in the sweets. The Ticket Kitchen was started by one of my blogging buddies, Amberlee. She sent me the awesome package pictured above, complete with a sweet note. (She is the note & gift-giving kind of girl. Something to be admired!) This little box has been sitting on my counter for a month now, begging me to cheat. (I didn't cheat, by the way, but this chocolate would have been worth it if I had.) Check out their awesome packaging and logo!

I have to admit, I am a bit of a hot chocolate snob. I'm not a fan of the powdered variety. I've only had a few cups-o-cocoa in my life that I've actually finished. (If I don't love it, I can't drink it.) And I need my hot chocolate to be piping hot. As soon as it starts to cool down, I pass it on to my husband who will finish it off for me. I was so excited when Amberlee asked me to try out her new product. It is perfect for my kind of hot chocolate taste buds.
It comes on a stick, which is cute to look at and handy for stirring. (Picture this as the focal point of a party place setting. Too adorable.) Dark chocolate. Yum. I like my chocolate rich.
Heat up your favorite milk. Mine was scalding; I like it at burn-your-tongue temperatures. (It asked for 8 oz of milk. We used 6 oz because we wanted to eat some of the melty chocolate goodness on the stick. Highly recommend you do the same.)

Submerge the chocolate stick in hot milk.
Stir to melt. Devour. Mmmm. Then use a spoon to scrap out any leftover chocolate in the cup. You won't want to waste anything.

This hot chocolate was divine. Best hot chocolate of my life.  Dark, rich, perfect. I don't recommend diluting with whipped cream. Oh, no. This hot chocolate needs to be enjoyed in it's purity.
My darling C helped me lick the leftover chocolate off the stick.
He thought the dark, hot chocolate was pretty darn good, too.
Thank you so much, Amberlee! Your company has my seal of approval! (And my business! I'm already planning a hot chocolate "tea-party.")


  1. Wow! I love that idea! What a tasty concept in hot cocoa!

  2. I was just given this as a gift last week. I agree. Very yum.

  3. Fun idea! Can I come to the hot cocoa tea party? Maybe we should do that for a girls night... the next time I am in town.

  4. Oh, I am so craving chocolate now!

  5. I've been wanting to try this highly-acclaimed hot chocolate. I need to place an order pronto!

  6. Hannah!
    First of all, your little C is adorable. Love those big eyes peeking out from behind the mug.

    And I have to say, we are so flattered to be the first treat after the sugar fast! Truly, what an honor!

    And also, leaving a little chocolate on the stick is my favorite too.

    Thanks for the kind words. Getting the SB seal of approval made our day.

  7. oh yum! I am on day 4 of my sugar detox. I'll just lick the screen and be satisfied! LOL

  8. Have you ever tried chocolate mousse hot chocolate? They have it at Flour Girls and Dough Boys, this adorable bakery in American Fork. I have never actually had it made into hot chocolate--the mousse is too divine so I eat it with a spoon--but they sell it to be made into hot chocolate. I wonder if you'd approve?

  9. Love that last picture!
    so very cute.

    sandy toe

  10. Hannah, does that ever look yummo! Oh, and the pics are so adorable, too!

  11. You and Hil must seriously be related! She posted this exact same thing about a month ago! Looks so fun!

  12. I was feeling bad you couldn't do that review night with us (sassy scoops) and all the sugar. But this looks like it was worth it to break it this way ;) We are going to have to have you come with us soon.


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