Improvements Underway.

It's true and finally happening: I've been putting 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there into a new design for myself and it is finally to a presentable point. It will probably take another week or two to get all the kinks worked out. Alas, as a designer, my personal designs come last. Please excuse things as they are moved around and changed. It features diagonal stripes: a classic favorite of mine.

A few other items of business & news:

// Are you in Utah? SewSara and I are organizing a casual & friendly crafting group. We are will meet monthly or every other month. (Details still being discussed.) Interested in joining? We have a few spots available. Contact me for more details.

// I've promised some posts. (The G12 review, skin care routine, tutorials, etc.) They will be up very soon. Some big changes have been taking up much of my time this week.  Thank you for being so patient. (***Edited to add: These are good changes. Thanks for the worried emails. We are doing really well.)

// Thank you for your encouragement about my BYU class. My fear was alleviated as soon as I walked in the classroom. It was a wonderful experience to teach college kids for a day. It was such an easy-going setting and I was surprisingly at ease teaching about graphic design & visual rhetoric.

// I only have two days left on my sugar fast. I haven't eaten sugar for 6 of the past 7 months. I can't wait to pick up a big Red Mango next week. (Original/pomegranate twist with granola and mangoes. My favorite combo.)

// I love to support handmade/small shop owners. Contact me if you have a product you think Sherbet Blossom readers would like to see. Reviews & giveaways are always welcome. (And don't forget to enter Gussy's giveaway.)

// I'm up and running on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I'd love to connect with you!

// I'm also taking questions on Formspring. Ask me (almost) anything, anonymously or not.


  1. Great job on the success at teaching at BYU. I'd be interested in a sewing group! Will it happen to be in Utah County? :)

  2. @Hannah S: I'll contact you about the crafting group. It is actually not a sewing group. It is an all-around, every-craft group.

  3. Hi! I'm really interested in the crafting group. Sounds like a lot of fun- will you e-mail me some info. Thanks!

  4. Ha ha - it's changing while I browse! That was weird. :)
    Blog design really takes a lot of work (at least for me, because I know absolutely nothing and have to learn it all to change anything).

    Wowza on the sugar fast! I've been cutting back my sugar and just doing that has been tough. How'd we get so addicted to sweet anyway?

  5. wow - i didn't know you'd gone THAT long w/o sugar! good job!!

    and thanks for posting about the craft group! i like the ideas we've talked about :)

  6. That sounds exciting! Can't wait to see the new look!

  7. So much excitement in this post,
    I can barely contain myself. May I celebrate the end of the sugar fast with you next week?

  8. The new layout is looking great!!

    I'm not a crafty girl, but if I lived in your area, I would be severely tempted to join you! It sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

    So glad your class went well. I knew it would!

  9. Not that I think I'm up to snuff for your craft group, but man, why can't I live in Utah?!

    Thanks for your friend-making advice. I really appreciate it.


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