May I Suggest: Favorite Lipsticks.

This week is dedicated to answering several beauty-related questions I've received on Formspring that have either popped up more than once or I thought would interest many of you. Today's question is: 
I'm not sure I want to fess up to the first question. Too many, let's just say that. I'm a couponer, so I always find fantastic deals on lipsticks. (I rarely spend over $2.) I also Back-2-MAC my MAC products, so I get free lipstick that way. Still, too many. I haven't bought anything new for a while, but I'm always tempted as I walk past the cosmetics aisle. 
I do wear lipstick. Not everyday. But I usually put it on whenever I go out to anywhere nicer than the grocery store.
These five lipsticks are my absolute fave. They are:

one. Viva Glam V by MAC (My over-all favorite. This is actually my second tube. It has a beautiful finish and can go with any eye look. Plus, the profits all go to charity when you buy this lipstick shade.)

two.  Pink in the Afternoon by Revlon (Revlon actually makes my favorite line of lipsticks. I like them as well as MAC! This one is a perfect, natural pink color.)

three. Temptress by Covergirl. (This line of lipsticks is fairly new. Very moisturizing and a tad sheer. This color is a nice, wearable bright pink.)

four. In the Buff by Loreal. (My favorite nude lip color. I can't go too nude or I look dead. This one is perfect.)

five. 903C by Wet n' Wild. (You read that right: WET N' WILD! They've straightened their act since I was in jr. high. I love their Color Icon line. Surprisingly fabulous makeup! This particular lipstick is the perfect coral for my skintone.)
What are your favorite lipsticks? Let me know in the comments!

Be back next week to answer a few more questions! 
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  1. My favourite lipsticks...
    Dr. Hauschka 03
    Clinique Praline
    Mac Touch (Malt was my all time favourite but they of coarse discontinued it!!)

    I so want to find a nice Revlon lipstick...all I read are great reviews!

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  3. My favorite lipsticks...

    Mary Kay Couture Pink {LOVE it}
    Mary Kay Berry Luxe
    Lancome Camisole
    Lancome Blush Classique
    Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss in Berry Sparkle

    I love today's post. How often do I get to talk about makeup, much less my top 5 lipsticks!

  4. I haven't found a lipstick I like yet... I am more of a gloss girl. I love Mary Kay's lipgloss - not too sticky.

    I need your help to find a good lipstick color for me.

  5. beauty week has been my FAVE! i can't get enough.

    i am totally the type to buy one or two tubes and use them for years until they're down to the stub. I'm down to just MAC velvet teddy (so risque). You have inspired me to go get something girly and springie!

  6. My favorite lipstick was Gingersnap by Benefit and of course it was discontinued. I am just dreading the day I use the last of it...

    I was also in love with one of their black orchid lip cremes and it was a limited edition. Sigh.


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