May I Suggest: Spring Nail Polish Picks.

This week is dedicated to answering several beauty-related questions I've received on Formspring that have either popped up more than once or I thought would interest many of you. Today's question is: 
I love this question! I love painted nails. In the spring, I love wearing creamy pastels. I usually steer clear of anything that has shimmer until summer. (Not sure why. I don't think there is any beauty rule that states that glitter is off-limits in spring. I just naturally gravitate away from it from March-May.)
My favorite spring nail polishes are:
I'd love to know your favorite spring time nail color! Please let me know in the comment section of this post.


  1. i just bought a bubblegum pink the other day - and i've been wearing it and loving it. :)

  2. These colors look great! I especially like the Audrina, I think my toes would thank me if I bought some ;)

  3. I don't typically put polish on my fingernails (maybe it's a self-conscious thing or maybe I'm just weird). But with the warm weather today, I decided to take a chance. I painted my toenails AND fingernails a creamy purple (like the one you showcased). And I am actually liking it. It's just fun!

  4. San Tan-tonio
    Suzi loves Cowboys
    It's Totally Fort Worth It
    Bubble Bath

    all OPI

  5. Welcome spring nail polish colors...oh, how I adore you!

  6. ooh la la, these are pretty shades. i am loving kookamango by sally hansen. it's a perfect pop of color.


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