Twelve Things: March.

one :: Exercise. I totally do it now.
two :: Husband's traditional Saturday morning breakfast.
three :: Always lots of hugging whenever Jas is home. We miss him.
four :: The very loved "Blue Blankie." (Which happens to be just a piece of fabric.)
five :: A "Leaves" candle from Bath and Body Works. A major favorite.
six :: He's walking!
seven :: Baby D's favorite pastime: spying on the neighbors through our front windows.
eight :: Lots of building blocks every day in our home.
nine :: The March Birchbox arrived! Yay!
ten :: Cute little friends.
eleven :: Birthday parties galore.
twelve :: Ended the day by going to Red Mango with Meg. (I actually cheated and didn't take this picture. I forgot to bring my camera. Image via google images.)

Want to document your 12th, too? Information can be found here. (Thanks to Miranda who inspired me to participate.)


  1. Look at all those happy faces! Looks like a great day had by all :)

  2. I forgot again. I really need to stop working the night before/of the 12th! It ruins fun things like this.

  3. Looks like an awesomeday.
    Baby D in picture seven is soooooooo sweet - can I come over and spy on your neighbors with him? =)

  4. Loads of fun, lots of happiness!
    What a wonderful March. :]

  5. i like your 12 photos. red mango sounds really good. i can't believe i've never been there.

  6. Awesome you exercise now. I only do it cuz I know it's good for me.
    Yay for walking!

  7. I really love all of the red in your grid. Very happy making.


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