15 Handy Household Tips.

I'm dedicating this week to spring cleaning. It must be done. The temperature outside is perfect. The windows are open. I'm in the cleaning mood. Excited to wipe away the winter dust and start anew.

Here are 15 handy household tips from me to you. I learned some from my mother. Some from experience. Hope they are helpful to you.

one :: Vinegar is an alternative to an all-purpose cleaner, and is nontoxic and cheap. Run your empty dishwasher for a full cycle with a couple cups of vinegar to prevent those unappetizing water spots on your dishes.

two :: Store all your silver jewelry in an airtight baggie. It will prevent tarnishing.

three :: Admit it. Some of your shoes stink. Place a dryer sheet in your shoes at night and the smell will be gone by morning. It’s like magic.

four :: Save money by making your own window cleaner. Add 3 Tbsp Ammonia and 1 Tbsp vinegar to a spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and use just like Windex. Use old newspaper to wipe off the cleaner for a streak free finish.

five :: Lots of sticky/dirty fingers living in your house? Spray your walls and doors with starch to resist fingerprints.

six :: Use a post-it note between the keys on your keyboard to clean up the crumbs and dust that have collected.

seven :: Color code the top of your key collection with thick coats of of nail polish in different shades to differentiate between them.

eight :: Limp celery? Cut off the bottoms and place the stalks in a vase with cold water. Place it in the fridge and they will be nice and crisp tomorrow.

nine :: Keep insects out of your flour and sugar by placing a bay leaf in the sack.

ten :: Keep an open box of baking soda in your fridge at all times to ward off stinky smells.

eleven :: Check your fridge’s temperature. Refrigerators should be kept between 35-38°F, freezers at 0°F. Also, freezers work best when they are three-quarters full. If you have an almost-empty freezer, fill empty milk cartons with water and store them in the freezer.

twelve :: Keep your butter from sliding around the dish by heating the dish, placing the stick of butter on the hot dish to melt it a little and then putting it back into the fridge. This will cause the butter to stick to the butter dish.

thirteen :: Use a paint brush to dust the corners of your baseboard, windowsills and bookshelves. (My kids fight over this job. I should buy another paintbrush…)

fourteen :: Forgot about your wet clothes in the washer? Get rid of that mildew-smell by rewashing them with baking soda.

fifteen :: Get that yucky onion smell off your hands by washing them with dry mustard.

*I have high-hopes for doing some major posting this week. Product reviews, book reports, Easter plans, and maybe a Disneyland wrap-up. Stay tuned.

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  1. Vinegar?? That is interesting. And smelly. But cost effective!

  2. @Hilary: haha! I know. I grew up with it. It is a fabulous cleaner, but I agree...a tad smelly.

  3. I love vinegar! The smell goes away when it dries. :)

    The paintbrush tip is awesome! I'll be trying that for sure.

  4. Great tips...I need to attack my baseboards today!

  5. You could use apple cider vinegar for a less stinky smell... not as cheap though. I love these tips. Never knew about dry mustard - does it work with garlic too?

  6. A dryer sheet in stinky shoes. Brilliant. Why didn't I think of that.

  7. Great tips! Never knew about the dishwasher & vinegar trick or the silver jewellery trick...
    Gonna tackle this as soon as I get home...
    Thanks :)

  8. I'm sticking fabric softeners in my kids shoes as we speak...

  9. i mop my vinyl wood floors with nothing but vinegar and water!! Works like a charm! Also for garlic smell on your hands if you rub it on your stainless steel sink faucet it will take most of the smell away! I also heard that if you put stinky shoes in the freezer the smell goes away. same with your favorite sweater that you know you sweat in but just don't want to wash it for fear of something happening. put it in a baggie and throw it in the freezer it kills all of the yucky germs! happy spring cleaning to you!

    oh and no a cleaning tip but a tip nonetheless. you can wash baby swim diapers!! YES i said WASH!!! I usually throw them in the washer and then hang them to dry. you can do it up to like 5 times or somehting crazy. i have also thrown them in the dryer but theydon't last as long that way!

  10. Vinegar is my FAVORITE cleaner ever! Works sooo good! And you can also add a small amount of vinegar to your wash cycle to get rid of the mildew smell as well. Good tips!

  11. nice post.. i really love this.. thanks.. greetings from jakarta

  12. Great tips Hannah! I love stuff like this...I just got an awesome book you should check out - "Real Simple Solutions" from Real Simple magazine. LOVE IT!! My favorite find in the book is using a cut off pencil eraser for a lost earring back. Which I seem to lose them all the time!

  13. had to de lurk and chime in about celery. . we eat it daily so I had to find a way to make it last longer. When you get home from the grocery store, wrap the entire stalk (no washing, no cutting) in aluminum foil and put it in the refrdge. It will stay crisp for 2 weeks this way!!

    Thanks for sharing these tips!!

    1. this really works and will last longer than 2 weeks. Love it.

  14. Oh my! I am loving these! Especially the laundry/baking soda tip ... hate to admit how often that happens over here :).

    Thanks for this post!!

  15. Another tip for celery to keep it from going limp quickly wrap in foil and store in you veggie compartment of fridge.

  16. you can also keep your jewelry tarnish free by hanging on to those silica packs that come in new shoes or purses. They absorb the moisture in your jewelry boxes & prevent tarnishing.


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