Restoring Gel Eye Liners.

I adore my MAC gel eyeliner. I've spoken about it several times before on this blog. It is a tad on the pricey side, I know. But it is worth it. (This is coming from a bargain hunter, so you can trust me!)

I've had my black gel liner for a little over a year and it was starting to dry out. (One of the negatives of gel liner: they do dry out.) I was upset that I was about to throw half of the expensive product in the trash when a makeup-artist friend told me how to revive it. It worked and the liner is back to like-new condition! Here's how you do it:
one. Gather the tools and products. First, you will need your dried out gel liner. Second, moisturizing eye drops. Third, a brush.

two. Add 2-3 eye drops to your gel liner. (Depending on how much product is still in the pot.)

three. Stir with the wrong-end of your brush.  Replace the lid and let sit over night. Your liner will be like new in the morning! (If your product has too much eye solution, you will be able to tell. The extra solution will pool at the top and you should be able to dump it or pat it out with a tissue or makeup brush.)


  1. Thank you for this tip! I don't need to use it yet but I recently bought some MAC gel liner and I'm sure it will dry out at the rate I use it. :)

  2. I love my MAC products too Hannah! Great tip!

  3. How clever! I really need to give gel eyeliner a try. I didn't know it came in a little tub like that.

  4. Never heard of it ... I'll have to give it a try!

  5. I love Mac Fluidline and Bobbi Brown's Gel Liners...both are fantastic! To help ensure they don't dry out as fast, store them upside down. I've done makeup professionally for years (stopped when I had my baby) and this is what I've always done. It works great!


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