Sugar Fasting.

 My last treat before starting this sugar fast. A Skookie. It was delish!

I've received a lot of questions about my sugar fast. I've been asked why I'm doing it, how I'm doing it, how I handle cravings, do I eat natural sugars, have I lost weight and how strict I am. Since I started another sugar fast last Monday, I thought I'd give your inquiring minds some info on my fast.

This is quite simple to answer. Babies. I had them. And they ruined my body. Well...I shouldn't say they did. I did. I am VERY sick when I am pregnant. I throw up every day until 34-36 weeks. And then I feel nauseated until the baby is born. I'm normally very health conscious, but the only thing I can keep down when I am pregnant is carbs. I eat bread like nobody's business. And, I gain 35-45 pounds because of it. I wanted to get my healthy body back. I was sick of not fitting into my favorite clothes. Also, I found out recently that I am allergic to gluten. So, I thought a sugar-fast might help curb my carb addiction. I was right! It has helped a ton with my cravings.

I stay away from all sugars except fruits. I check labels. I try not to eat anything with more than 2g sugar during my fast. As soon as the fast it over, I will slowly add these higher-sugar items back into my diet with caution. My first two fasts were 3 months each. I'm only doing 2 months for this current fast.

Oh, man. I still have them. I still want the cookies that my husband munches on after dinner. I still want the creamy, sweet salad dressing. But, the longer I go without sugar, the easier it becomes. The first week is always the hardest.

Yes, I eat fruits.

Yes! Horray, horrah! I still have a bit more I'd like to loose, but I'm hoping to be close to my pre-kid weight by the end of this fast. 

Yes, I am strict. If I cheat, I start craving sugar again. So, I try my hardest to be strict with it.

If you have any other questions, you can contact me or leave it in the comments below. I'm willing to answer any or all questions.


  1. You are awesome. I'm strongly considering this, at least for the next two months until my brother-in-law's wedding and our family pictures. You're motivating me to try!

  2. you ARE awesome! and you are my hero! i must seriously consider doing this myself! make it sound SO easy too. good luck with this fast!!!

  3. Wow! You are seriously so awesome!

  4. I agree on the hero stuff...I need to do this. It will be really hard, especially the chocolate. But I need to do something.

  5. I started the Atkins diet last month which reminds me of your sugar fasts. It's SO hard fighting the cravings at first, but I'm happy to have quit sugar. I cheated last weekend & got the worst headache ever, too much too soon I guess :)

  6. I did a sugar fast for one month. It is so amazing to me how many foods contain sugar. When you start reading labels you really realize how much sugar we eat!

  7. I think sugar is pretty much poison. :) I go through serious withdrawals when I stop eating it: non-stop thinking about it w/SEVERE headaches. After a few days it's out of my mind. I've been off it for a couple of weeks and don't plan on going back....we'll see. Best of luck!!

  8. What are your "rules"? do you just not eat anything with more than 2g of sugar?

  9. @tiptoe mama: I just try to eat natural, whole foods. But, when I do eat something processed, I make sure the grams of fiber is higher than the grams of sugar. And I try to keep the grams of sugar under 2grams per serving.


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