The Semester Break.

My husband finished his semester with off with a bang. I took advantage of his 8-day break and milked every bit of energy out of my main-man. We kept busy-busy-busy last week doing chore after chore. I bet Jas was glad to start his new semester today!

Last week we...
...went to the zoo.
...did a little shopping for our upcoming camping adventure.
...adjusted the spinklers.
...planted the vegetable garden.
...dug out another vegetable garden for squash.
...purchased a cute, cute grill as a combined mother's day/father's day present.
...celebrated the warm weather by setting up the trampoline.
...jumped on the trampoline and showed off all my old tricks. (Of which there are very few.)
...did the laundry.
...cleaned out the closets and compiled a gigantic good-will/garage sale pile.
...painted both kid rooms a happy, happy YELLOW. (I have great plans for showing off the rooms when they are done being decorated. But that may take a while. One step at a time...)
...did a date night with my husband every-single night of his short break. Yes, we took advantage of every rare minute we had together.

Things are starting to feel put together, although we could have used another 3 weeks of hard work in this home.

// Tune in tomorrow! A week long series begins. A play off the popular "What's in Your Bag" tag. Six gorgeous guest posters will be sharing with you what is in their everyday makeup bag.

/// We are heading south this weekend. Chasing the sunshine and getting our camp on. Our first camping experience with the kiddos. Should be fun!


  1. So excited to read a post to see what you've been up to. Even more excited to catch up in person this week! Sounds like the break with J was perfection!

  2. Haha! I wish you could toss (gently) a baby into the wash. It would be so much easier. :-)

  3. Sounds like it was a great week! And a date night every night...that is awesome!!

  4. nice to catch up on your posts!

    1st what a fun 8 days!
    2nd what a beautiful family you have!
    3rd congrats on your new professional adventure! so proud of you (I hope that doesn't sound like I'm too old or anything) but seriously, so, so happy for you. You'll be great and may inspire me to get back into paper crafting.
    you are amazing!


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